Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Carry Out Repetitive Business Procedures & Processes Through Digital workforce.

Why Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is important for your business?

  • Works with existing IT systems because RPA robots work at the same way as humans in terms of IT systems
  • Reduce time and cost of doing repetitive tasks done by human
  • Provide time for your employees to focus on complex and non-automated processes
  • Results in better customer experience
  • Eliminate operational risks, human errors and leads to better productivity
  • Enable better governance of your processes

What is RPA?

RPA is a software-based solution, programmed to carry out procedures, processes or tasks on the repetitive way that are usually done by humans.

How we do it?

Select the process

  • Conduct assessment of all your business processes across various departments
  • Identify and determine which processes can be automated



Develop RPA framework

  • This framework provides both potential risks and expected values that are derived from automating selected processes.

Managing people & challenges

  • Conduct open and honest discussion with stakeholders and employees
  • Build a cross-functional team to implement a successful RPA
  • Coordinate with concerned departments like IT & HR to make sure that the RPA implementation is complete



Develop RPA Solution

  • Create a comprehensive process map for the part selected for automation
  • Create a plan for required eco-systems
  • Prepare risk management plan
  • Run, manage, implement the RPA solution

Measure Performance

  • Measure the performance of implemented RPA solution
  • Calculate accuracy of outputs
  • Analyze efficiency and compliance of RPA solution
  • Evaluate and solve any gaps left to deliver a successful RPA solution


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